Work with award winning builder in both commercial and residential projects.  

Renobuild South Africa contractors deals with construction in three major sectors.

  • Industrial building
  • Residential building
  • Commercial building

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Professional indoor offices
  • Historical Developments
  • Professional indoor offices
  • Contact offices

Free consultancy services.

We offer free project audits consultation. We audit on the design and its implementation. We also ensure all the health and safety measures are adequately improved in the working environment.


“Reno build are professionals in home and office improvements. Our kitchen was well renovated just the way we wanted. The design and procedures were well carried out.” Thanks

“I think if one needs construction and building services, they must contact Reno build South Africa Builders. Working with them was so easy since they contacted me on each day. I felt like I was working on the project too.”

“I am pleased to work with Reno Build Contractors. Their level of accountability amazed me. My wife was pleased with the work too. Pleasure guys!!”

Why Choose Us

Skills and experience

With many years of experience in building and construction, we offer the best construction and consultations.

Communicating skills

We love to listen to our clients. In whichever project, we always strive to meet their demands.


Honesty is an important virtue in all our operations. Expect transparent quotes and excellent delivery of services.

Project completion

We always meet deadlines. Prior to commencing a project, we always set a deadline and strive to achieve it.


We give one year warrant to all clients. This is a move to ensure that our clients feel secure while we work on their projects.