About Us

About us

We are a large company that has dealt with lots of projects from inception to date. We also have a large database of customers who value our services and appreciate what we do for them. We provide or services in large organizations, kindergartens, public and private based businesses. We also work for companies and government parastatals.

Our team is qualified and trained. We are also in the process of acquiring more skilled engineers due to increase of work. We offer competitive prices to our clients and our work is certified. We do work closely with our trainees, partners, contractors and all sub-contractors. No matter the kind of task we are handling, all our operations are morally upright and we are honest and straightforward. Our reputable suppliers provide quality materials that we need during construction, hence you can be assured that we will complete the job exactly how you want it.

From the initial stage, Reno Build South Africa takes each and every project as a separate entity. We are open to listen to our clients and we are committed in providing quality services. We always evaluate the budget and the timeline of each project before we commence. We do have a clear mind and we are quick to make the right homes, offices since construction is significant investment. At Reno Build, we address all complains and ensure that all questions posted to us are answered. We are committed in our work as a team. We have also ensured that the services we provide meet the needs of the clients.  We are comprehensive and, therefore, cover all construction projects successfully.